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Celebrating Women & Children

Children and their Safety

-	Varshithaa Raj

Varshithaa Raj

For every parent, children are the most valuable, precious in the world as in today’s world having a child itself is a big achievement in their parental life. The big responsibility of a parent is raising up their children in a positive way and accomplish their dreams among the hurdles in today’s world.

Child safety has and will always be one of the major concerns for parents present all over the world. The joy of the birth of the child only lasts till the horror truth of the world dawns upon the parents making them worried about their child’s safety in the future. With the continuous growth of the world, it is inevitable that a child in the society faces problems, be it small ones like being bullied to big ones like sexual harassment.

“There is nothing more precious to a parent than a child, and nothing more important to our future than the safety of all our children” - William J. Clinton

Each and every day of a child’s life leaves a permanent impression about the society on the growing child’s mind. The face of the world the society reveals to the child may or may not be in the way parents expect it to be. So, it is important that they are taught to defend themselves and survive the society, however it is, starting from a young age. This would give them the necessary and required exposure and the quick thinking to escape any kind of harm they may be vulnerable to, thus increasing their own protection.

Parents have the responsibility to make their children feel secure and bring the difference in their lives by educating them about the problems and how to handle so that they can overcome and become great civilians in this world.

“History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of CHILDREN” – Nelson Mandela

The basic knowledge essential for a child to understand the society and to act accordingly includes the below given points.

  • Difference between good touch and bad touch:

Today’s generation are exposed to the society at a very young age. They talk, interact and socialize with various people. Along with socialism arises the need for the awareness of the difference between good touch and bad touch. It is crucial for the children to recognize bad touch and inform their parents or other elders.

  • Basic information about themselves:

In the vast surrounding we live in; chances are there that the child might lose his/her way or get stranded in a crowd. It is always handy to know the vital information such as their parent’s full name, their contact details, their home address, etc. These would help the child to contact their family in any kind of unexpected situations.

  • How to interact with a stranger:

It is not possible for the parents to tag along with the child throughout their day, so it is common that kids meet and interact with strangers. This arises the necessity of knowing on what and how to talk with people whom the child doesn’t recognize. The parents should teach the children that they are not supposed to trust strangers and all about “stranger danger”.

  • Maintain a safe circle:

It is always advisable to have a close circle of friends and family to whom the child can approach for anything and everything. This would be the safe haven of the child and the people to whom the child will turn to when in any kind of trouble or stressed.

  • Have a personal space:

The importance of having personal space and drawing boundaries is very essential. It is never advisable to be an open book except towards the safe circle the child has created. They should know on what to talk to whom and should be able to refuse when anyone tries to cross their personal boundary.

  • The practice of buddy system:

Travelling along with friends is the best way to secure themselves form the threats of the society. In this way children would be able to help each other when in times of a problem or threat. Being in a group also increases their confidence to fight back and defend themselves better. The parents should make sure to advise their children not to travel alone.

  • To stand up for themselves:

Children to know how to stand up for themselves and handle any difficulty coming their way. This helps them fight against bullies or someone who enters their space. This also increases their voice, instinct and self-esteem making them bold speakers.

  • Talk and listen to the children:

The parent and children talk are vital to keep a good relationship between them. It is also more important that the parent is patient enough to listen to what the children have to say. This talk helps them solve their confusions and feel safer in the parent’s protection. The more the parent the more comfortable is the child with the parent.

“Our primary concern is the safety of our children” - Keith Sullivan

A child requires a safe, comfortable and an encouraging society to grow up with a healthy mind and soul. Children exposed to the vulnerable side of the society tend to have major psychological problems such as trauma and mental disorders. It’s the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the child is able to cope up with the society and overcome the societal issues and this can only be brought about through creating an awareness in the fresh and young minds.


  • Varshithaa Raj

Women Empowerment


Empowerment of a Woman is changing the status of a woman in all means; Education, Self-dependent, Gender Equality, Achieve her goals in life and Freedom to do whatever she wants. It doesn’t stop here, but continues until she grows and nurtures herself and others. She will have to manage her thoughts, actions and holding her dignity among the male dominant people.

Empowerment is not only developing herself but also inspiring her fellow women to achieve their dreams and goals in life.

“There is no FORCE more powerful than a WOMAN determined to rise.”

If a woman determines firmly to prove herself, nothing can stop her in her endeavors to reach her goals.

Women are the pillars of any country. India is very fortunate to have many great women, whose contributions in various fields make us proud and invaluable to this society.

A woman is an epitome of love, sacrifice, care and empowerment. If all women unite, we will be able to achieve whatever we want.


“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish – Michelle Obama”


Let us recall and remember some of our First Indian Women in various fields and celebrate their accomplishments, which will be a motivational factor for all other fellow women. They inspire and take us towards achieving our desires, dreams and goals in our life through many struggles and problems.


First Women Personalities in India

·Indira Gandhi – The First Prime Minister for the period 1966 to 1977

·Annie Besant – The First President of the Indian National Congress

·Kalpana Chawla – The First Astronaut

·M.S. Subbulakshmi – The First Musician to receive Bharat Ratna

·Mother Teresa – The First Woman to receive Nobel Peace Prize


The list is enormous. We just listed some of the achievers.

“Intellectually, mentally and spiritually, woman is equivalent to a male and she can participate in every activity - Gandhiji”.

From Sita in ‘Ramayana’ to Jhansi’s Rani Lakshmibai are not only celebrated women but has also contributed to social change and awareness had been immense.

India is the original home of the mother Goddesses. Women in India have always been honoured and respected.

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. It is a day when the World celebrates women’s numerous achievements and their unwavering determination. 

The theme for International Women's Day 2021 is “Choose To Challenge”.

Let’s choose our challenges and thrive hard to accomplish to overcome all societal problems and bring gender equality in society. The ultimate goal is to empower women in every corner of the World.

Women’s Health

During this pandemic, everyone needs to be strong and healthy to overcome the current problems. Especially women need to be strong and healthy both physically and mentally to take care of the family and themselves.

“Health is a state of complete mental, social and physical well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” – World Health Organization


Health encompasses not just the absence of physical disease, but involves healthy habits, thoughts, coping mechanisms, and peaceful ways of relating to our environment and to others. 


In times of this Covid pandemic, it is important for women as primary caregivers to remember that they need to take care of themselves.

“A healthy woman means a healthy family” as today's woman is sharing the responsibilities in the household as well as at the workplace equally.

Most women are more resilience in managing the rising demands at home, supervising children’s remote learning, cleaning and preparing family meals, caring for the elderly etc., their role as shock absorbers sustained families and communities. All women have to take care of their health and over all wellbeing to lead a happy, strong and balanced life.

We need a holistic approach to take positive actions to address Women’s health which includes both physical and mental health and their wellbeing. We have to protect, encourage and promote Women’s health to make their families healthy and in turn the World to be healthy.

“Communities and countries and ultimately the World are only as strong as the health of their women” – Michelle Obama

Women need to have mental strength to handle this pandemic situation in a very effective way, which will make them healthy as well with the defined set of parameters.

“Strong Women don’t have Attitudes. They have Standards”.

Parameters to be set for being healthy:

  • Women should be encouraged to indulge in self-care; regular health check-up, experts’ advice to have work - life balance, physical health through exercises and mental health through yoga and meditation.

  • Need to be educated about the social health which is the need of the hour. This improves the social responsibility in our children to maintain social distancing, use of masks and the awareness of Covid-19.

  • Diet, Nutrition and Sleep patterns.

  • Flexible and convenient working hours.

  • Financial Support.

  • Help others who are in need in a secured way.

We should consider this pandemic as an opportunity to build better, stronger, more resilient societies that could bring relief as well as hope to all women on earth.

Women’s health encompasses a healthy body, a sound and strong mind, and a tranquil spirit. Women need to give themselves the same care and attention that they give to others and watch them bloom.

We have to empower women with more knowledge and education. Build their capabilities in every way, end critical gender inequalities, improve health outcomes to make better India.

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