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International Women’s Society

Celebrating Women & Children

International women's society Logo

International Women’s Society is an organization for Women & Children, committed to achieving Democracy, Equality and Women's Emancipation. It upholds secular values and challenges and resists cultural practices demeaning to women.


“Women are the real Architects of Society” – Harriet Beecher Stowe

IWS is affiliated with the American Institute of Culture and Management, USA. IWS is one of the syndicates of eminent Raaba Media, a non-profit organisation which is in the service of encouraging and identifying individual talents and bringing them into the limelight.

Mr. Prasanna Ramanujam is our esteemed Founder. He started all these non-profit organisations to fulfil his lifelong dream of being socially recognized by social workers, talented artists and students in the right way and volunteered with various movements. IWS is one among those for empowering and celebrating Women and Children.


Aims and Objectives:

IWS strives hard for Women Empowerment through various activities by joining hands with several NGOs to fight against all forms of social evils and feudal legacies such as dowry, child marriage, polygamy etc.

“Empowerment of Women leads to development of a good Family, good Society, and ultimately a good Nation”

– Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

IWS takes care of Children too against societal problems such as Child Violence and Abuse, Child Labour, Health Issues and most importantly illiteracy among children.

We would like to work with the renowned NGOs and welcome them to have a collaboration for the upliftment of women and children in all possible ways. We fathom working as a team would reap more benefits and TOGETHER, we can grow and win.


“Unity is Strength….

When there is Teamwork and Collaboration,

Wonderful things can be ACHIEVED…..” – Mattie J.T. Stephanek


We are growing with your participation.

Join us to be the active members of the movement and build a better human race which values equality.

We welcome all enthusiastic and energetic women to realize all your and our dreams come true.

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